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When you start choosing the right university and program, it is often overwhelming and you don't even know where to start. Once you start looking into what's needed to get into one, it gets even worse.

Relax - we are here to tell you what you exactly need, help you to manage your time properly and prepare for the right exams. Our tutors have had some of the highest results which got them into top universities and they are here to show you how.

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Exam Types

Different countries and universities have different requirements. At the moment, we are focused on US universities and the information we provide is specific to this country and its colleges.  There are two main types of college entrance exams in the United States: SAT and ACT. 

Universities usually don't have a preference to which exam you take and all US colleges accept both. College entrance exams provide a way for universities to even the field for different schools, countries and education systems. This allows them to have a more precise way to compare students against each other. It is very important to perform well on this section of your application because this is the most reliable quantitative method which universities can use to compare you against your competition. In case you don't have the perfect grades, this is the exact place where you need to shine. Remember that grades and exam results are not everything. Most students applying to top universities already have the perfect grades and perfect scores, so the place which allows you to stand out are your extracurricular activities. 

We provide a brief overview of these two tests here, while you can read in more detail about them in our blog.

Students Taking Exams

Exam Types

In case English is not your native language, you will have to take a language test. Two of the most widely accepted English tests are TOEFL and IELTS. Both are standardized in a way to assess your English skills, but they are fairly different and most students prefer one over the other. With the right preparation, neither one should present a problem.

The main difference between the two is that TOEFL mainly relies on the American variant of English, while IELTS relies on the British. TOEFL is computer-based, while IELTS is taken on paper and the speaking part is done in front of a real person. 

For both exams, you should register at least 3 months in advance and start studying at least 8 weeks in advance. Of course, you should not leave either for the last minute.

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