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Resume building

Make your professional story stand out!

Whether you're applying for an undergrad, a master's or a job, having a great CV is essential to ensuring you advance in the selection process. The amount of competition at all level has never been bigger than today and your resume should be crafted in a way to meet the country and industry requirements, as well as to increase your chances of being selected whether it is a person or a machine reviewing it. 


Our resume writers will craft the perfect resume and cover letter for you to impress schools and companies.

Job Interview

How it works

As a high school student applying for university, you usually don't need a resume. No one expects you to have professional experience at that age and, unless the universities specify it, it is usually much better to focus on other parts of your application. For university graduates, however, it is a completely different story. Before the time you graduated, you should have already gained professional experience and a great CV is of utter important when applying for jobs or graduate schools.

Our team has worked at some of the biggest companies in the world and also in different countries around the world. We have mastered the craft of having a great resume, cover letter and also online presence. We understand the nuances of working in different industries and countries. That is why we offer a unique service where we can not only help you write the perfect resume, but also translate your experience to fit different regional requirements. Whether you are applying from China to jobs or universities in the U.S. or from Singapore to Germany - we have the right solution for you.

The first step in the selection process today is usually done by a computer. If your resume does not include certain keywords and details, there is a great chance that it will never reach the recruiter. That is why we use a special resume screening software to optimize the keywords so that your resume can land in the hands of real people.

The service covers resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. All three will be unique to you skills, experience and career path. This is how the service works step by step:


Submit your CV

Send us your resume, tell us about your career path and where you wish to work.  In case you don't have a resume, we'll send you a questionnaire, create a sample and use that as a starting point.


Tell us more

We will connect you with one of our resume writers with experience in your industry. You will talk more about your experience, where you wish to take your career and agree on the details of your new CV


First Draft

Within a week, you will receive the first draft, including your optimized experience, keywords, new formatting and templates. You will check whether the new CV meets your expectations and how further to perfect it.



Your resume should by now look great, tell your best professional story and meet specific industry and country formats. In case you're still not satisfied, you will have 30-day guarantee and we'll be happy to rewrite your CV.

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